segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2011


Known as Kampung Tugu community. Located in Semper Barat Village, District Cilincing, the village was under siege for a number of industrial buildings. Tanjung Priok Port, only about four miles northwest of there.
In the quiet village community monument. They are descendants of Portuguese, who began to inhabit the Kampung Tugu since 1661.
Life in Kampung Tugu Tugu community is moving in harmony with a touch of the Portuguese culture. Even by the year 1940, they still use the Portuguese language in everyday conversations.
Tugu community population currently estimated at 1,200 people. Only about 600 people who are still living in Kampung Tugu. Approximately 100 people scattered throughout the territory of Indonesia. While around 500 people live in the Netherlands.

Those who still dwells in Kampung Tugu also runs a number living in harmony with the Portuguese tradition. One of these is-Rabo Rabo. This tradition held every new year, a relationship between the family. One family comes to another family, then the two families coming together other families. And so on until the whole family gathered at the Monument of the oldest family homes.

Portuguese traces are still visible in the Church Monument. This church was founded around the year 1678 by Al Amelchior Leidecker.

The church is still standing upright with its original form though has been renovated several times. Very simple form of the building. White concrete walls with wood frame windows and doors were painted red.

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