terça-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2010

Dearly Beloved.
We would like to invite you to the first exhilarating Ozlem extravaganza.This Wednesday, the 27th of January, at 6pm, a portal will be opened.

Sara Nunes FernandesBen Hunt& Mellanie Freshness

...will be indulging us with a splendid array of performative distractions throughout the event

On the wall

Matthew De PulfordRachel HorwoodSam ThompsonNoa KurzweilEduardolor & Zaquisha Jones

Have been commissioned to interpret, reproduce and replace the paintings already hanging in the restaurant.

Julian EmensJulius LadwigJihoi LeeLior Shamriz& Imri Khan

will be contributing pieces of exquisite cinematic video pleasure

Aaron Tan& Philip Lai

Have been commissioned to show pieces in 3D and 7D.

let us introduce you to Ozlem,
...since you are now acquainted, we recommend the Turkish Pizza (Lahmacun) with an Efes Beer. Both 1.50/2 pounds respectively.
Don't have dinner before the show, have your dinner at the show! Please consider Lahmacun, beer, or anything from the menu a kind donation to the generous management of Ozlem, who have very gracefully offered to host us in their magnificent restaurant. You will not regret it, without a doubt, its some of the best food in town.
27/01/01, 6 - 10pm, Ozlem, Ocakbasi Restaurant, Dalston.
85 Stoke Newington Road, on the corner of Prince George Road, Hackney
An invitation is attached
Eternally Yours
Naama & Jack

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